What Makes Programming a Tough Subject to Comprehend?

Not all students find programming easy to learn. There are many factors behind that. Some factors are simply related to the subject itself while there might be other external factors involved as well. Sometimes, it is the way universities like UC Berkeley operate. Lack of proper programming help is also a factor worth considering.

Regardless of the reason, the importance to learn programming cannot be understated. Organizations such as Educational attainment in the United States have incorporated the subject. Now, it has become a basic skill that every student should try to learn, if not master.

Any teacher in the field will know very well how most students struggle with programming, particularly initially. They find it hard to come to grips with even the basics of programming. Getting someone to do my programming project is preferred over solving it myself. That is just how things are.

Such state of affairs is really disappointing. The modern world depends on programs and programmers. Hence, it is really necessary that more and more students start taking interest in the subject. There might be a few interesting ways to teach programming. For example, perhaps the use of a visual medium is the best way to engage students.

If teachers really want students to learn programming quickly and more efficiently, they need to create a learning environment for that. For that, its vital that they develop an understanding of the complexities and difficulties that students face.

A subject not for everyone?

An argument can be made that students programming is just a subject that is not for everyone. A student who is unable to find programming solutions can perhaps be better off pursuing other subjects. As harsh as that may sound, it could be a reason why not all students find the subject easy to learn.

In itself, programming isn’t particularly a difficult subject. Those who know how to program will tell you that. However, there is a factor of aptitude. Mathematical ability and problem-solving skills are considered useful, and perhaps necessary, for programming. Lack of such skills make it difficult to comprehend the concepts of programming.

Learning style

Each student has his/her own way of learning. While some prefer solitary process of learning, others like a more dynamic environment for learning. Programming is a subject that usually requires a particular approach to learning. Without proper programming help, students will tend to turn to the learning style they are used to.

The teachers need to take the responsibility in this situation. They need to make sure that students take a learning approach that is best suited for the concerned subject.

There are some subjects that require deep understanding of the concepts like Physics or Chemistry. For subjects like history, even memorization works. Programming is a bit different in this aspect. At first, you might think that the subject requires an in-depth understanding. However, that is not actually the case. All you need is an understanding of the basic concepts. From thereon, when you start working your way around it, you will start learning the subject.

Interest and motivation

Of all the students who pursue computing degree, not all are genuinely interested in the subject. Or, it may so happen that you prefer other subjects like networking or computer architecture over programming.

If you don’t have an interest in learning programming, you will eventually face difficulties with programming solutions. It is just one of those subjects you can somehow deal with without actually wanting to learn. At the same time, if you do end up developing an interest for the subject, you will see just how much fun programming can actually be.

Apart from interest in the subject, motivation is another factor that comes into play. It is nearly impossible to tackle programming if you are unable to stay motivated for long.

The entire process of programming is that of trial and error. When you program, you will come across error. That is how it works. You debug the error by finding its source and rectifying it. This is the continuous process through which you learn.

Sometimes, you will come across errors that seem impossible to debug. You try hard and yet don’t find your way around that error. In such situations, most students tend to give up. They fail to stay motivated long enough to get rid of the error. When something like this happens while working on programming project, student will start searching for online help to do my programming project.

Programming language

When you start learning the subject, the programming language you start with is extremely crucial. It is what basically determines whether you will like what you learn. There are numerous programming languages. C, C++ and Java are the languages generally used nowadays for teaching students how to program. There are other options available as well, but not all programming languages are suited for beginners.

There are different things that sets programming languages apart from each other. Having said that it is mainly the syntax that requires getting used to. Students are not always well adept to learning syntax for programming efficiently. It requires some time and patience to get used to the syntax of programming languages.

For a novice programmer, the best programming language would be the one whose syntax is closer to the day to day linguistic. This makes learning the language easier and then gradually develop an interest in the subject.

Programming is an easy concept to master, but it can be a complex process nevertheless. Coming up with programming solutions is not as easy as it sounds. Students tend to find the subject boring and difficult. Obviously, you would not want to learn a subject that doesn’t interest you in the first place. Doing it out of compulsion rarely works.

There are many factors that contribute to the complex nature of learning and comprehending programming as a subject. Some inherent aspects of the subject coupled with lack of proper interest, understanding or motivation can make it a really hard subject.