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UNIX is a popular operating system that was developed around the 1960s. It has been under constant development since then and finds a great deal of usage even in the present days. UNIX can be defined as a framework of programs or commonly called an operating system that drives a computer to function.

UNIX is a stable, multi-tasking, multi-user system which is used for laptops, computers, and servers. It is built to entertain activities from more than one user at a time. Although it was primarily developed to be used by programmers, its flexibility and profitability have increased its demands to a whole new level in workstations alike.

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A brief explanation of UNIX

UNIX programs are written with the purpose of fulfilling one function at a time and a collection of these programs work in harmony to make way for a well-constituted system. It provides a convenient working environment due to the presence of a graphic user interface identical to that of Windows.

It is observed that UNIX developers mainly focus on profitability, readability, and clarity of the designs. Some of the major features of UNIX operating system are as follows-

  • It uses text files to store data
  • Inhibits a hierarchical file arrangement system
  • A command-line interpreter serves the purpose of holding together a collection of small programs
  • It uses shell scripts

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