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Trade Theories- Explains about International trade


Talking about trade theories, we come to know about international trade theories which are different from international trade. Trade is having simple concept of exchanging goods and services between people. International trade is the main concepts of exchanging goods and services between people in other countries.


Our Trade theories homework help service will help you in explaining about different trade theories along with factors that are responsible for affect international trade and how these factors are used by the governments along with businesses for their interest.


Some trade theories missed by you!


There are different kinds of trade theories, which were missed by you. You don’t know about historical theories along with its introduction part and the evolution of modern global trade.  Different trade theories are developed by different economists that will guide you about mechanisms in global trade.


Trade theories homework help can help you by guiding about historical theories that are known as classical theories which are country based. Today these theories are known as modern theory based on company.



Different trade theories in Classical and modern theory


Classical trade theories will include


  • Mercantilism
  • Absolute advantage
  • Comparative advantage
  • Heckscher- Ohlin


Modern theory theories will include


  • Country similarity
  • Product life cycle
  • Global strategic rivalry
  • Porter’s national competitive advantage


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