One can easily go through our solutions and materials present in our webpage. To get access to website’s contents one must abide by the law and conditions led out by the owners of the webpage. One must read out the following points of terms and condition written below in order to know about the rules and regulations to get proper access to our materials without any registration, bookings or purchase.

We believe that one must have read and agreed to all the terms and conditions mentioned in our site before using any services or materials from our webpage. The agreement contacts consist of all the terms and conditions mutually decided by the website authorities and law governing body. All the terms and conditions are thus under consideration of condition law and center relating law.

Under any circumstances if an argument arises regarding a solution or contents of webpage, it is to be sorted out by condition law. We have the right to cancel a customer’s registration on our website if we find it necessary with or without prior consent.

Disclaimer doesn’t hold any responsibility or give assurance on the contents, hence if any risk or damage exist the customers it is to be accountable for any matter that needs attention. In no way, our site can be held responsible for any loss damage or sudden accident occurred due to the contents or materials acquired from our webpage. Under no circumstances, our company should be held guilty; it is the sole responsibility of a customer to handle the loss or damage arising up from the content, materials or solutions provided by us.

Link Disclaimer
For customers convenience, certain link of different other sites is displayed on our websites. This links will direct you to other sites of various different kinds. We do not take any responsibility of the contents that are published in such websites and thus we are not accountable for any issues that might arise. We do not promote about services or products that are mentioned in those website. We don’t suggest any customer to use those service or products.

Copyright Conditions
The numerous materials and solutions that are present in our website are rightfully owned by They hold the right of contents that exist in the webpage. None is allowed to use our materials for any professional or public use.

Although one can use our materials only if it carries the name or link of our company in it. To be more precise, any content that you use must contain our name or source link with all the necessary signature requirements, and it cannot be used for personal or professional gains, or any public representation. A person is not entitled to use, spread, and make changes to any material using their own name without formal permission and approval from us.

The images and graphics shown in website are properties of the site owners. It is a punishable offense to use any duplicate of these properties without prior consent from the website authorities.

If you have any queries regarding terms and conditions of our webpage, you can contact us, we will be happy to help you.

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