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The Six Sigma is a management technique that is opted by all major and minor organizations to attain stability and bring about an improvement of the quality of work and production taking place in the firm. It is a well-constituted and systematic outlook towards achieving the least possible amount of defects in the ongoing processes. These processes could range from manufacturing of products and services to transactional procedures.

Six Sigma Assignment Help


Managers can evaluate statistical representations of Six Sigma to study how a system or ongoing procedure is doing. These representations are a source of figuring out probable defects so that they can be eliminated from the system eventually. This will consequently add to the net performance of the business.


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What is a Six Sigma defect and opportunity?


There are certain terms related to Six Sigma that are helpful in delivering its functions in further details. Two of those important terms are-


  • Six Sigma defect


A Six Sigma defect can be defined as an undesired occurrence within a manufacturing or business process that does not coincide with the customer specifications.


  • Six Sigma opportunity


Six Sigma opportunities are defined as the total number of chances the Six Sigma defects has.


In order to bring about a noticeable improvement, a process must not comprise of more than 3.4 Six Sigma defects every million opportunities. By maintaining a system according to the principles of Six Sigma, profits can be improved to desired targets, upliftment of the employee morale and so on.


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