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Refund and Cancellation Policy

What are the Refund and Cancellation Policy We Provide?

We provide the homework support and you apply whenever you required. But, we always take care of our customers in all aspect. If you get any kind of problem even after providing the services and payments you can ask for refund if there is any problem. But, there must be some limitations, otherwise anyone can cheat us. The received payments are refunded and cancelled only if some terms and conditions get satisfied and you must know these.

What is the need of refund and when it is possible to get a refund?

The most important thing is the requirement that students take from us. But, if there is any problem or little bit problem, which should not be happen, then you can apply for a refund amount. We allow a refund in the following condition-

If you have notifies to stop the services when the services is not delivered on the dead line, we provide the services of refund.

Suppose we have sent you a mail for the payment and by chance we have taken the double amount or we get the amount two times, then we refund at the same time or as soon as possible.

If we are unable to provide the service.

If you are not getting the services in a due date that have said earlier.

In case you failed or you are not getting perfect result according to the University requirement, then we refund only fifty percent amount to our customer. This is because when we provide task to our writers, then we need to pay them just after their work submission.

On the other hand, in case, you do not tell us to stop even after the deliver date gets delayed, then the amount is not refunded. Now, if the condition comes in front of us that you need some changes, at this condition, we just make some modifications and then there will be no refund. Moreover, we have some particular time period on which we provide the modifications; we always inform the time period while providing services. According to our terms and conditions we follow two weeks to every customer, but after that time we are unable to do any modifications.

In case of Cancellation

What are the ways by which you can make cancellation? You can cancel and we will accept that if you cancel just within two-three hours of doing payments. But, in case you do order and you need that delivery on the same day, then we are not able to cancel that.

What are the different terms and conditions?

We from Myhomeworkhelponline.com have created some terms and conditions and according to that we follow it rigorously, whenever you take the services, you must go through these conditions at least once-

The refund process will not work if you are unable to show us any kind of proof and reasons. We cannot take any further action without any proper evidence. But if we get any evidence, we will start processing.

Suppose, you change your chief requirement, at that time we are not able to refund you. We work for the original requirement, then you must take the services for which you have paid and we will provide the exact requirement.

Moreover, we need proof for poor service that you claim. Otherwise, there will not be any refund allowed to you. We need a college authentication in that case. It means, you will not get any service if you send a simple mail to us.

If you want any changes or revision for the work, we provide and we do it nicely. But, in case you tell to do that again and again, then we cannot make that service.

We only allow our customers to have modifications or any minor changes within a fortnight. If you send us any request after that or after fifteen days, we will not able to do so.

Now, you can easily get that without these rules along with some specific terms and conditions, it is very difficult to go through our processing. A customer can easily ask about the terms and conditions before taking the service. If you follow our terms and conditions of refund and cancellation, then there will be no hesitation in these cases.