Points To Add To Your Assignment on Earthquake

If you have been stressing over an assignment on earthquake, this earthquake assignment help will resolve the issue and provide you all necessary information to make the job easier. Since you’re going to working on an assignment, you have to follow a given pattern. All assignments should start with an introduction, and in case of this particular project, students can try to start off with the definition of an earthquake and its consequences

Earthquake: a natural disaster

Earthquake is a natural disaster which has the potential to destroy towns and cities, and it is due to occur, it cannot be prevented by any means. However, presumptions and precautions can certainly minimize the amount of damage that is caused by the natural disaster.

Earthquake: definition

Earthquake can be defined as perceptible trembling of the surface of the earth, which is caused by seismic waves. A sudden release of energy in the crust of the earth, either due to collision of two tectonic plates (the crust of the earth is made of several tectonic plates) or owing to some other reason, causes this seismic waves. These seismic waves are in turn responsible for the earthquake.


Earthquakes are more likely to happen in certain areas compared to the others. The reasons can be topographical or otherwise. The seismicity of a particular region shows how prone that area is to earthquake with respect to frequency and type. Students should definitely ask for earthquake assignment help from teachers and ask them to discuss these factors in detail for acquiring knowledge.

Consequences of Earthquake:

The consequences of Earthquake can be widespread and this earthquake assignment help shall give you a brief idea about the possible after effects of a devastation earthquake:

  • Large scale destruction of property and infrastructure take places. Houses can collapse and so can bridges and flyovers. Roads develop cracks and pose gigantic threat to human and animal life
  • An earthquake of a large magnitude can cause enormous loss of human life
  • Earthquakes can lead to other havocs by starting a fire due to gas leakage or disruptions in the electrical connections
  • Earthquakes also have the potential to give rise to other fearsome natural disasters like Tsunami. This particularly happens when the epicenter (point of origin) of the earthquake is beneath or close to an ocean
  • Floods can be another cause of Earthquake
  • Landslides are a very common consequence of earthquake and they almost always follow an earthquake in hilly areas.

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Measure of Earthquake:

The scale which is used to measure the magnitude of an earthquake is known as Richter scale. It goes from 1 to 10, 1 being the lowest of magnitudes and 10 being the highest. A seismograph measures the size of an earthquake.

Where can students find further earthquake assignment help?

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Hope we were able to make the work a little easier for you!