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Perceptual Mapping Homework Help

Enhance the Knowledge of Perceptual Mapping with Us

It is a technique in marketing which helps to determine the reaction of the customers in terms of the product manufactured by the company. The term mapping itself defines the meaning in a wide way. It is actually comparing or mapping of two or more products.

The two different approaches to perceptual mapping are as follows:

  • Collection of similar data.
  • Preferences to data.

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What the data represents in perceptual mapping

The mapping is related to the response of customers towards thedifferent product. The key points that are covered in this data area as follows:

  • Experience of customers.
  • Price.
  • Performance.
  • Packaging.

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How does perceptual mapping help in marketing?

Perceptual mapping helps the company to get the detail picture of the product and help them to understand where it stands. It helps the company in following ways:

  • Developing the position of the brand among other competitors.
  • Developing the marketing strategy for promoting the brand.

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Methods applied to collect data

The following methods are used to collect data and build a strong strategy to compete against the competitors:

  • Methods based on similarity.
  • Methods based on attributes.

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Attributes that are used in this method

There are important attributes that are to be focussed while collecting the data. The attributes are mentioned below:

  • High price.
  • Low price.
  • High quality.
  • Low quality.

Similarity-based method

Things to be followed using similarity-based method are given below:

  • Products ranging between 1-6 based on the similarity of the products.
  • By using SAS or SPSS method.
  • By using multidimensional scaling to analysis the similarity with minimum loss of information.

Benefits of perceptual mapping

There are ample of benefits of using perceptual mapping which are mentioned below:

  • Helps to monitor competition.
  • Checking the real facts.
  • Identifying market gap.
  • Tracking the changes in preferences.
  • Checking the effect of recent campaigns.

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