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Strategic Management refers to the creation and implementation of business goals agreed upon by the top management of an organization. Although it may seem like an easy topic to comprehend, the intricacies involved can only be understood by someone who studies the subject. Students often face an uphill battle to secure good grades, which leaves little to no time to prepare assignments. understands these difficulties and thus offers students with Strategic Management Assignment Help.

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Some Key Points of Strategic Management


  1. The initial task of strategic management involves compilation and deals with breaking down of company’s vision and mission statement.
  2. Strategies do not get formulated every day and are usually derived by top executives of an organization. After which it is presented to the board of directors to ensure it is aligned with stakeholder expectations.
  3. It seeks to organize and incorporate the activities of the various functional area of business to accomplish long-term goals of the organization.

Five stages of Strategic Management process


  • Goal Setting –

This stage involves clarifying the vision of an organization and consists of recognizing three key aspects. The first is defining both short and long-term goals. Second is identifying a process to accomplish the objectives. The third and final aspect is to assign each person to tasks that they can succeed.

  • Analysis –

In this stage information and data relevant to accomplishing the goals is collected. The focus of analysis is to understand the need of a particular organization and help grow the business.

  • Formulation of Strategy –

This stage is all about forming a strategy, which begins by reviewing information collected during analysis

  • Implementation of Strategy –

It is the action stage of the process, where everyone is made clear of their responsibilities and how it fits the overall goal.

  • Evaluation and Control –

This stage includes performance measurement and review of both internal and external issues. It also involves taking corrective actions when necessary.

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