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Maths and statistics are two subjects that share something in common, and when they are combined with economics, then we will get econometrics. People term this science as applied mathematics and have got many uses.

There are many practical uses of econometrics. A student will have to be proficient in various theories, and there is no harm in searching for Econometrics Assignment Help from reputed agencies like  A student should have clear access to study materials and should have a clear understanding of concepts.

Regression analysis

Regression analysis is a part of econometrics that will be used in real life. Assume that we want to understand the reason for varied scores that a class of sixty scores in economics and for that we would like to collect various data’s.

The fields like time spend for study, factors of distraction like the mobile and other factors will be taken to consideration and a test will be done, and this would reveal the exact reason for students score.

Regression analysis the change in the dependent variable when independent variables are put to the test and in this case the score and the varied reasons for getting that score. There are tests like t-test that would determine whether the independent variable that we have chosen is valid or not.

There will be a lot of assumptions that have to be made while doing the test and the key is to interpret the result. There will be a plethora of data, and one should have the capability to interpret the data.

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