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The journey of journal keeping

Profit is assured when a contractor makes a contractual agreement with any customer. No risk of losing on a contract like this as it assures costs reimbursement and also making a profit on it. It is known as assured profits through contract. Cost and pricing both are easy to understand for a student but one needs to understand their relationship to one another in a clear way. It is a method based on the cost of setting prices of products and services. Journal entry assignment help by our experts is very effective and easy to avail.

A certain markup percentage is added to it for the deriving price of that particular product. Markup percentage is added for creating a profit margin.  This method is justifiable. In certain cases, a supplier has to persuade a customer about the need for an increase in the price of the product. In this approach, the cost of direct materials, the cost of direct labor and a product’s overhead costs are added together.

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