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What is an Income statement?

An Income statement is a study in accounting by which a company gets its financial statement for a specific time period. In this statement, summarization of both sides of a business taken together as revenue and expenses can be done by the professionals. It also shows that how net income of a company gets transformed from its revenue. There are two activities known as operating activity and non-operating activity. After getting the complete statement for that specific time, the company can easily get the net profit or loss for that time.

Our Income Statement Homework Help team experts describe that operating items are very much interested in analysts as well as investors as these are connected directly and thus results also get affected directly. But, the non-operational activity discloses expenses and revenue are not bonded directly with any direct operation of the company. This income statement is also popularly known as “Profit and Loss Statement” or P&L of a company.

The main motto of this statement is to get information about an exact income of money in terms of profit or loss. Hence, a reader should focus that it is not for a single time in a year. It must be taken several times and thus it is not like a balance sheet that is done once in a year.

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