Importance of Transportation Engineering in the Modern Era

Education in modern world:

After Second World War, it was quite evident that education is the only way to overcome the evils of war. The barbaric war left deep scars in the life of humanity. For this matter, the financial up liftment and scientific up gradation was necessary for the world to see. With this in mind, the education moulded into the commercial and scientific structure. With all this at hand need of infrastructure began to raise hence the emergence of civil engineering.

Various uses of Civil Engineering:

Civil engineering is an applied science that is hugely based on physics. The main idea of this subject is to create infrastructure. As the term itself connotes, civil engineering is manufacturing for civilisation. In modern day world, civil engineering is crucial for day to day activity. The entire important and complex infrastructure we see is results of civil engineering. From airport- railway lines, everything demands civil engineering skill.

Civil engineering and its application:

The types of civil engineer which are most popular and widely known are as follows:

  • Structural engineering.
  • Geotechnical engineering.
  • Water resource engineering.
  • Environmental engineering etc.

The structural works with the structures of the infrastructure and helps to create models accordingly. Whereas geotechnical is subject related to constructing geological infrastructure. Water resource is all about learning to capture energy from water, and environmental is a multifaceted field. In short civil engineering is a field of applied science that is used to create the infrastructure for the betterment of the civilisation.

What is Civil Engineering?

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