How C# is Better Programming Language Than C?

The whole family of C programming languages consists of multiple languages. When you are first starting to learn programming, you can get confused with all that. With some programming help, you can get to know what’s what. C is the programming language on which the whole C family of programming language is based on, even C#.

When you compare C and C#, you will see that C# does offer some benefits. Having said that, both the languages are used by programmers for different kinds of tasks.

So, what are C and C#?

Let’s begin with C. It is one of the most widely used and oldest programming languages currently in use. It has been used on a constant basis for developing applications that were coded previously in assembly level language, including even the UNIX operating system.

Directly or indirectly, has been influential in other programming languages, like C#, Java, Go, JavaScript, PHP, Perl and Python. Despite the advent of so many comparatively newer programming languages, C is still used widely. A lot of programmers prefer it for finding programming solutions.

C is even widely used in education systems. It is taught to the computer science students in all universities, including University of Cambridge – UK. The computing students studying under Council of Higher Education Accreditation are taught C before other languages. They even have to deal with projects on C programming. It is common for these students to search the internet for ‘do my programming project’.

Coming to C#, or C sharp, it is an object oriented and multi paradigm programming language. Software developers widely use the coding language for creating user friendly and secure applications running on .NET framework. It is used for creating Windows client applications, distributed components, XML Web services, database and client-server applications.

C# can actually be considered as a C and C++ hybrid. Comparing to Java, it is designed for improving productivity while developing web applications. It is relatively more advanced and updated than C, which is something a lot of software developers prefer.

Some major differences between C and C#

  • While both programming languages are used widely, C is more suited for system programming apps, chip designing, hardware apps and embedded device. On the other hand, C# is suitable for apps development and for web applications.
  • There are four basic data types in both C and C#: int, double, float and char. There is one additional data type feature in Boolean. It is used for performing logical operations.
  • When it comes to integral type, C# has two type pf integral while C has only one.
  • As opposed to structure-oriented programming language that C is, C# is object oriented.
  • C# uses bottom up approach whereas C adopts top down program structure

As you can see clearly, C# is clearly a better programming language than C in most regards. So, which language to use to do my programming project? C# should be the most likely answer in a lot of cases.

Just how good is C#?

Ask any expert programmer, they will tell you that C# is a very useful programming language. It offers great capabilities to programmers. Some of them include:

  • A massive library of .NET framework
  • Autoboxing
  • Support for threads
  • Garbage collection
  • Simplified type declaration
  • Versioning
  • Support for scalability
  • Type safety

With these features, it is easier to arrive at programming solutions. Dealing with software and application errors is easier and faster. It just goes to show why nearly 5% of all programs in present are developed in C# programming language.

Modern programming language

As mentioned before, C# is a much more modern programming language than C. So, it is only obvious that it will offer some great features over a language that is nearly ancient.

C# itself is a modernized version the C++ programming language. C was originally the programming language widely used until C++ came into existence. C++ brought in object orientation, which meant it was more suited for building real world applications for the Windows platform.

For certain period of time, C++ was used to create low-level and infrastructure applications, while Visual Basic was used to develop business applications. C# changed all that. Since it uses the .NET framework, it has access to powerful forms engine. Now, even the C++ developers had access to the forms engine, like CB developers. On top of that, C# incorporates new data types, including the decimal data type which allowed performing financial calculations.

Beginner friendly

The main motive behind designing C# was to make it simple and easy to use. It is a higher-level programming language, as compared to C. This means it is apparently closer to the regular linguistic. So, for someone who is just beginning to program, starting to learn C# will be a simpler process.

C is considered a very powerful programming language. However, it usually not said to be easy. With C#, you have a more simplified syntax that is more consistent and logical. It removes some complex features that are available on C.

This makes finding programming solutions easier. For example, C# does not involve pointers. Since it is a type-safe language, it does not allow manipulation of memory directly. That is why pointers are not needed any longer.


C# offers you additional levels of abstraction on its own, including what you would associated with OOP. To get these abstraction levels in C, you need to implement it yourself. At the same time, Object Oriented Programming is a lot easier in C#.

The fact that C# is much more abstracted programming language works in its favour. It has in-language support for advanced data structures. To be quite real, C does not offer any of that. This makes C# a cleaner programming language than C.

With abstraction, C# handles a lot of the complex details of the computer on its own. This allows the programmer to just focus on coding rather than worrying about the tiny details. Dealing with these complex details can be difficult and tedious, leaving you in need of professional programming help.