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Valuation of a subject is an important part of life and society in every aspect.  It is required for making an overall development of every aspect of life and also for getting many social benefits in future. So people need to learn the proper future valuation of every factor related to life and our sociology for a better development.  Its domain has a vast expanse with different subjects and they are segmented in several branches.  Here, in this text we are going to discuss about finance related topics only.

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To know the value of money over the time is important


Money is one of the most significant terms in finance. It is the most important factors of human life too. We all know that “Ready money is Aladdin’s lamp,” as because, most of our needs and comforts can be purchased with ready money. So students, your friends, family and you must know to increase the amount of ready money to lighten your future life.  And the proper investment of money is the only key for you in this regards.


But you have to focus on the amount of money you have now in your hand for investment and how much you wish to get in near future from that amount? You have to know the current rate of interest.  So that you can calculate that how long you have to keep that amount of money as an investment to fulfill your wish.


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How to calculate the future value of money


Future Value Assignment Help

There are two common formulas exist to calculate the future amount of inversed money. For simple rate of interest, the future value amount of invested money


= Present amount x {1+ (Rate of interest x Time periods)}.


And for compound rate of interest, the future value amount of invested money


= Present amount x (1+ Rate of interest) x Time periods)


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