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Financial analysis refers to the examination of financial information to make a business assessment. It is usually performed by professionals who prepare reports based on the financial statements of a company. These reports are significant and help top management in their decision-making process. Therefore it holds immense value in both professional and academic world. So at Myhomeworkhelponline.com we provide Financial Analysis Assignment Help to students and assist them to master the topic.


Financial Analysis needs an understanding of various concepts of finance which many students may find difficult to comprehend. Plus the everyday pressure to prepare homework and assignments ultimately results in them scoring less than optimal grades.


That why through our services we want to ensure that students have a clear understanding of financial analysis. Our experts’ answers any question a student might have and assists them with their assignments and homework. We ensure students do not lag behind and make sure they complete their tasks before the deadline.


Some of the basic components of financial analysis


  • Cash Flow Statements

This statement reports inflow and outflow of cash of an organization during the analysis period.

  • Profit and Loss Account

These records show how much a firm has earned during a specified period. It is also known as income statement

  • Balance Sheet

It lists the assets and liabilities at a particular time.


Types of Financial Analysis Homework Help we provide


  • Vertical Analysis
  • Inter-firm comparison
  • Intra-firm comparison
  • Horizontal Analysis
  • Average Analysis


Some of the key financial ratios used in financial analysis


  1. Profit Margin
  2. Debt Ratio
  3. Current liquidity ratio
  4. Profitability ratio
  5. Dividend Cover
  6. Earnings Per Share


Benefits of Financial Analysis


  • It guides investors on the best method of investing funds in a particular organization.
  • Assists regulator authorities’ to ascertain whether a company is complying with accounting standards or not.
  • Helps government agencies to examine taxation owed by the various firm.
  • This analysis can be used to analyze performance of a company during a particular period.


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