Colleges and Universities in the United States of America

United States of America has one of the most famous educational institutions in the world. The quality of education and the teaching practices followed in these colleges and universities are excellent.

These colleges and universities have flourished for many years and cater to the academic needs of various students.

Moreover, the outstanding quality of the teaching staff and the impeccable study material makes pursuing courses in these institutions worthwhile.

The colleges and universities are open to international students. Every student is treated equally and emphasis is laid on the holistic development.

In addition to this, people can easily afford the fees. No additional charges are required for any special program, workshop or seminar.

Names of the institutions

It is located in the sub-urbs in the town of Garden City of New York. It is a co-educational institution which has seats for international students also.

As a matter of fact, admission is based on merit and the past academic records of an applicant are also considered.

The students take the entrance exams in which they must obtain excellent grades in order to qualify.

It is a centre of productive learning. It also has a beautiful campus with world class facilities.

The motive is to provide overall growth of students and also develop their interest for sports. There is a remarkable library and housing facility in the premises. Moreover, financial aids are also provided.

 Various subjects can be studied like arts, humanities, language, cultural studies, business and social science.

Along with these, a candidate can also apply for engineering, science and technology courses and study medicine and health.

Interestingly, the academic year is divided into semesters with annual examinations at the end of each semester. The facility of distance learning is also provided.

The institution is approved by recognizable authorities and noteworthy organizations.

It was established in 1861 and is located in the city of Cambridge. It believes that students collect tremendous knowledge and apply the concepts in daily life.

It is a noteworthy institute which develops the personality of students. Moreover, it also introduces them to the details of the scientific world.

The students study the basic concepts related to their subjects and conduct research.

Research is a major part of all the programs in the institute. It develops analytical skills among students.

Annual examinations and practical tests are conducted to check the level of students.

Moreover, the campus is huge and has all the facilities. The environment is suited for academics.

It is located in Stanford in California. It has campuses in Washington, New York and Monterey.

Admission is based on the performance in the entrance exams. Past academic records are also considered.

It has courses on medicine, health, humanities, arts, engineering and cultural studies.

Different amount of fees is charged for under-graduate and post-graduate courses.

The university believes in forming individuals who would contribute positively to the society.

Rich learning experiences develop the set of skills needed to survive in the world.

Moreover, the residential campus caters to all the needs of the students. The teaching staff is excellent.

The quality of education is praiseworthy as it covers all the necessary information.

It is situated in the town of Berkeley in California. It has a large number of teachers, students and a variety of courses.

The departments are managed by qualified people and the research units are effective.

Undergraduate and postgraduate courses are handled properly. Facilities like online tutoring and advising are also provided.

Many academic resources tend to be useful for students. The study materials and notes are helpful which make students learn for tests and exams.

Interestingly, summer sessions are also organized to develop practical knowledge.

Special programs enhance the horizon of students and keep them abreast with the latest happenings.

It is located in Pennsylvania. The campus is nicely designed. All the modern facilities and services are available to the students.

Admissions are based on merit and students can apply for graduate and law courses.

Special research programs develop certain skills and keep the students well-informed.

The highly trained faculty and other staff designs notes, study material for students.

There is emphasis on extra-curricular activities and developing students’ interests.

It is located in Massachusetts. It offers courses in arts, humanities, social sciences, mathematics and sciences.

Moreover, there are graduate programs in the history of art and economics. The college has an excellent student-teacher ratio.

There are Oxford style tutorials in which participation of students is important.

The presence of online courses makes this college popular.

It is located in New York and is one of the best institutions which provide quality education.

The highly qualified teachers provide holistic education to students.

Moreover, various academic programs broaden human knowledge and expand the horizon.

Scientific research involves great precision and is considered important.

It is located in Massachusetts. It offers a great range of courses including arts, humanities. The college has several exchange programs.

It also has a science program. The good quality of education ensures students enjoy the sessions.

It is located in Amherst, Massachusetts and is known for the excellent education.

Along with good education, it also has good sports facilities. It aims to develop the athletic interests of students.

It offers degree courses in a number of major subjects. The academic year follows a semester system.

It is a great institution in Connecticut. There are many courses and programs offered by the university.

Summer sessions and world fellow programs enhance the abilities of students.

The campus is wonderful which has an environment suitable for studies.

To sum it up, the colleges and universities in USA have excellent quality of education and teaching staff. They also provide interesting learning experience. The various courses and programs develop the practical knowledge of students. They also build necessary critical thinking skills. They enhance overall development and lead to effective career growth.