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What do you understand by the term case study?

In the study of life sciences and also in Social sciences, a lot of researches and investigations take place to examine the particular topic related to a subject to know about its reality. So, a case study is an excellent research process. The subjects need to have in-depth and proper information about a topic. So, it is strategy that explains how to acquire most suitable knowledge through various ways.

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What are the various case study types?

In research of public relation there are three different types as –

  • Liner
  • Process oriented
  • Grounded

Apart from the above there are various types which are based on the work to fulfill the goal and these are –

  • Illustrative
  • Cumulative
  • Exploratory
  • Critical Instance

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What are the related concepts one should know?

These are related to –

  • Business
  • Marketing Analysis
  • Generalizing
  • Limitation of processes or methods
  •  Suitable methods
  • Advantage
  • Structure

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