Cancellation and refund policy of for all payments is defined. Any payment you make towards our services will be deemed to be final. Any refund is a subject of authorisation from our end. We will accept cancellation and refund requests only on furnishing documented proofs. In case a transaction fails and your debit or credit card has been charged twice, we will provide a full refund for any charge over and above the cost of our service.

An academic or assignment help services provided from our end aims solely to aid you gain a better conceptual understanding. We do not intend to replace the efforts needed from a student’s end in completing the curriculum requirement. We are not in support of or intend to provide any assignment that was solely meant for completion by the student.

Our services offer an adequate scope for any required revision in academic papers written by us. If required, we guarantee 100% free and satisfactory revision for the same.

You may refer to the following sections to clearly understand our cancellation and refund policy for professional homework help.

Our refund policy

We allow an undisputed refund solely in two absolute situations –

  • No delivery of our services.
  • No delivery of our services within the given deadline.

The explanation for refund allowed –

When the order remains undelivered until the arrival of due date and we receive a notification from customer asking to stop continuing with the order, we will refund the total charged amount without assessing that matter any further.

The explanation for refund not allowed–

When we have not delivered the order until the arrival of due date and we do not receive any intimation from the customer’s end regarding stopping of order processing, we will consider it as a follow up from their end. In that case, any refund requests will not be entertained. We will presume it to be customer’s assent to late delivery and our carrying on with the task completion through a team effort.

Refund in case of follow-ups for any revision

If a customer applies for any revision request, we will not entertain or accept any refund requests if the revision process crosses the prescribed deadline for its completion.

According to the refund policy of, this process is a revision follow-up, and unlike the instructions of the original project, it carries modifications from the customer’s end.

We accept revision requests until the upcoming 14 days from the date we provide the project solution. Once the 14-day period expires, we do not bear any liability for any further revision. In that case, any revision requested will attract an additional charge.

Our cancellation policy

According to the cancellation policy of, we allow cancellation in certain conditions. A customer will be able to cancel his/her order by the following conditions in our policy –

  1. Customer will have to request cancellation within 2-hour duration from the minute the payment was made. We will not process any cancellation request after the expiration of such specified hours.
  1. For projects having same day delivery deadline, we do not allow or entertain any cancellation requests. If your project deadline falls on the same day as that of project payment, you will not be allowed to apply for any cancellation requests even within the 2 hours of payment.
  • All cancellations requests on are subject to authorisation from our end. It means a customer will be able to apply for cancellation and receive acceptance only through our approval.

Terms and Conditions related to our Refund Policy

Any refund or cancellation request that a customer initiates will be bound by the following terms and conditions. Glance through them to gain a better understanding before you initiate any refund or cancellation request –

  • We will not process any refund in the absence of reasonable proofs and rationale. Customer will have to show authentic evidence that proves our services were not of standard quality. Customers will also have to prove that the service was substandard and was not followed up on account of their requirements.
  • We will not entertain the refund request if the customer diverts from initial requirements stated by them at the time of making payment. Any changes will bar them from initiating the requests.
  • We will not consider any formal refund requests that ask or warrant for the refund from the customer’s end. If the customer deals with an issue over the quality of our services, they will have to produce an authenticated mark/grade sheet from a university or college that would authenticate their credentials and hold proof of our unsatisfactory service.

Further, we will not consider any refund requests in case of recurring follow-ups for modifications or revisions. Also, we hold the rights to decide on the maximum number of times a follow-up will be carried out, as and when deemed fit by us.

Besides, according to the refund policy of, for lengthy assignments, we will not consider any refund requests on the full delivery of the project.

Customers’ modification issues need to be addressed within the following 15 days after the stipulated delivery date. We will be addressing all revision or modification requests within those 15 days. We offer our quick support for lengthy assignments as they will require more time to be revised or modified.

A clarification or modification request from the client initiated after 15 days will be considered as additional work and the customer will be charged extra for any expert assistance. In this case, there will not be any issuance of refund claims for more than once.

We will not entertain any refund request if the customer is unable to specify the exact issue. Refund requests will be accepted only on reasonable and specific issues. The customer can reach us through chat or email support for stating the reasons behind refund request. If customers do not follow the policy, we do not allow for any chargeback.

Our team considers the standard grading system during the preparation of the project. We aim to provide 100% satisfaction to customers. Our expert team also strives to stick to the required quality of work from customers.