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Starting from the basics, what is a bond?


Well, the bond is basically a certificate that ascertains the borrowed money by an organization from a consumer. A bond certificate will commonly denote the amount of money lend between the two parties. This also involves the function of a coupon that summarizes the whole interest rate that is payable.


There are again some specifications of bonds, such as-


Bond Valuation Homework Help



  • It is an interest-only loan that is different from the other types of loans like home loans, car loans or similar amortized loans that require a combination of principal and interest. However, with bonds, only interest is payable, and the principal is returned later on.


  • The vocabulary for bonds is different as it requires one to acknowledge that issuer sells bonds to the lender and not the usage of words “borrow”.


The problem arises when students need to calculate the price of the bond or YTM and how a bond actually works.


The troubling factors that need an explanation!



Students often reported facing difficulty in grasping the meaning of bond vocabulary that includes terms like- face, maturity, coupon, price, yield-to-maturity etc. Each of the afore-written terms has definite meaning and usage while exclaiming bonds and its valuation.


Experts always recommend students to pay attention while understanding the function of coupon and its rate as many have face issues while bringing them into action. Coupon rate determines the amount of coupon present and adds it to the face value or par value to know the annual amount of the coupon.


A student must be careful while doing this as there are particular bonds that pay interest quarterly to find coupon amount. All the terms are related to each other, and thus bond valuation homework help is the evident thing for students to seek.


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