5 Most Amazing Topics for Your Next Biology Term Paper Presentation!

Biology! The science that defines the whole body and its various intricacies in just 7 words! From Homo sapiens to animals, the way they are made to their behavioral standards, all are found within this area of study. Naturally, when such a fertile domain is given for your paper presentation, you have a wide area to choose from, is it not?

But here comes another problem! When you are writing a paper, you surely need to put in some proper information, detailed analysis on that topic as well as latest updates. Hence, when you choose topics that are little off-track, chances remain high that you would not get quality base product for further research!

How about checking out these pointers for your paper presentation? The fifth one was a personal favorite, but the others are equally good!

Some amazing topics for paper presentation:

Here are some of the most relevant topics that are increasing in prominence in present times. With medical studies making rapid progress in these fields, you really need to get the hang of these domains, to ensure that you have a great topic for future studies.

  1. Seahorse and the difference that it brings in animal world

Seahorse is the only animal in the entire animal kingdom where males carry the fetus. Where conceiving and giving birth is the unique power that women from all over the entire plant and animal kingdom hold, this is truly a unique case.

So, your paper could define the specifications that make seahorses and their male’s ability to conceive different, a comparative study of other animals from the same genus as well as future experimentation of this ability. Male moms – really? 

  • Anthrax as a biological weapon

As a biochemical weapon, anthrax has garnered immense popularity in current times with multiple countries claiming that they have the best material. So, now the question that you can harp on your paper is – what–type of terror can be inflicted by this, how to combat those and after effects of that terror attack.

  • How and what effect does genetic have on homosexuality? Or does it affect actually?

Homosexuality is and probably will be the matter of prime concern for a major section of the society. Whether, their legal rights are concerned, or the manner in which their bodies react and prepare themselves emotionally are some important points to consider.

Now, with all these pointers facing a controversial future, you can concentrate on how and whether there is any genetic association to this physical feature of homosexuality. Since constant research is being carried out in this domain, you will get plenty information to incorporate in your paper.

  • Understanding the concept of bipolarity in human psychology

The study of mind is the only scientific study that has no definition. Every mind is different, and so is every reaction to that mind. In this regard, there are multiple issues that your brain can face – psychological problems as schizophrenia, ADHD, OCD. Bipolarity is a major issue that can affect human psyche, wherein the concerned person has absolutely no idea of the obsessiveness that his or her possessive nature has turned into.  

How about defining the lines of this possessive behavior in your term paper? You can deal with the aspects of this psychological issue and how it can be dealt with.

  • Ape-stone age-humans- what’s next?

Being a personal favorite, this is a major issue that scientists are researching on. What if you give a different and interesting insight into it? You can put in your thoughts and how there is a consistent change, courtesy environmental disruptions that are affecting human body.

Now, these are some really interesting topics that you can lay your hands on! Why don’t you do something – for that matter, check out some of these topics for your next assignment, and suggest some to your friends as well! A quirky topic could very well lead to some really high marks!! How about trying it now itself!